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LOST COCKATIEL BIRD...Please help... (bayview) Reply to:
[email protected] craigslist. org
<mailto:[email protected] craigslist. org?subject=LOST% 20COCKATIEL% 20BIRD... \
Please%20help. ..%20%28bayview% 29>
Date: 2008-Jun-30, 3:53PM PDT

Hello, our cockatiel got out the other day on Saturday. His name is
Pepper and he is a male cockatiel that is 3 years old. He sings a lot
and is known to start off a song with The Andy Griffith theme, and then
it just turns into random whistling. He also says his own name "Pepper"
but when he says it, it sounds like "Uh-oh." If you also say come here,
he will phonetically say it through whistling. Here is a picture, he
looks like every other cockatiel like him but sings A LOT. Please help
us find this bird.
http://sfbay. craigslist. org/sfc/pet/ 738418775. html
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