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Lost, CA Oakland (mills) 10/22/07

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Still LOST: CA, Oakland (Mills) - Cockatiel "Tweeker"-Oct 22.07
Posted by: "dshore95" [email protected] dshore95
Mon Jan 21, 2008 8:20 am (PST)
Lost Bird (oakland hills / mills)
Reply to: carolcatkin [at]
Date: 2008-Jan-21, 12:02AM PST

Lost Cockatiel,in Oakland around 10-22-07 We hope someone has
him,please call if found.gray and white,yellow head, orange cheeks.
Very friendly. Humans are his flock.REWARD!!!! Call 510- 636- 1055


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Still LOST: CA, Oakland (Mills) - Cockatiel "Tweeker"-Oct 22.07

Tweeker is still lost as of January 8, 2008.

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More info LOST: CA, Oakland (Mills) - Cockatiel "Tweeker"-Oct 22.07

Thank you for emailing me. My name is Carol Atkin,my bird is Tweeker,a
pearl Cockatiel .510 636 1055. rdelaney (AT) the bird is
banded but I have to look at my files to get the number.

The bird flew from my house which is at Delmont Ave and Oakdale Ave,in
Oakland California. Millsmont.Monday the 22 in the morning. He is a
hand fed and raised baby,he is now about 4 yrs old very friendly and
says" step up". I am sick with worry. Do you know if they have any
natural instinct to survive in the wild?

He flew after my daughter when she went out the door to work.She saw
him go up in our neighbors tree but we were also having horrific
winds at the time. The tree is really big cypress and I do not know if
he is still there and not coming out or if he just got scared and kept
flying because of the scary branches in the wind. Thank you so much
for contacting me and giving me all that information. I will contact
each one.

Carol Atkin

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LOST: CA, Oakland (Mills) - Cockatiel - Oct 22.07

Lost Cockatiel (oakland hills / mills)
Reply to: [rdelaney (@)]
Date: 2007-Oct-22, 9:05PM PDT

please if you see him we lost him today around 9:00 am. He is very
friendly,likes to talk and is very tame. We are so worried about him.
He flew out of our house after my daughter this morning. We live on
Delmont Ave in Oakland. He is a pearl, so he is gray and white with a
little yellow,and orange cheeks. Thank You. 510 636 1055

email: rdelaney (at)

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