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LOST: CA Citrus Heights April 9th 08

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If seen or found, please email Susan Holliday at [email protected] [Hollids [at]].

Please see Cockatielia's picture on 911 PA message 38144.


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COCKATIEL White & Gray -- LOST My BIRD (Citrus Heights / Roseville)
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Date: 2008-04-09, 3:50PM PDT

PLEASE CALL Susan at 916-726-5781 (H) or 916-202-9106 (Cell) if seen or heard.

I lost my Cockatiel. Yes, that is his name, or more accurately
"Cockatielia". He is white & light gray and is at least 12 years old. He is hand-tame (will perch on your hand or shoulder, if he trusts you). Does NOT tolerate petting or being held! Can bite if upset. He is normally pretty vocal (screeches a lot) and whistles if he is happy. He has never been outside. He has never escaped, and goes back to his cage when I let him out. His wings are not clipped, so he can fly pretty well, which he just did when he was startled and took off out the front door about an hour ago...

LOST at approximately 2pm Wednesday, 04/09/08, in the vicinity of Twin
Oaks Ave & Garry Oak Ave in Citrus Heights, across the street from
Roseville / Placer County line. Please see pictures below.

PLEASE CALL Susan at 916-726-5781 (H) or 916-202-9106 (Cell) if seen or heard.
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