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(12960) Lost Cockatiel

Taigum/Brisbane/ Queensland, Australia . . . Joey


Joey has the common colourings of a cockatiel - grey and white tummy,
yellow/grey plumes on head with reddy orange cheeks. Not a large bird but very
friendly. Will answer to the name of Joey and will return whistles. He flew from
his cage in Taigum Easter Sunday and headed in the Bracken Ridge area where
we had two sightings but people were unable to get him. If anyone has seen him
or knows of someone who has found him please call us as we are desperate to
have our little boy back. Our house is so quiet and empty and we miss him
sooo much. Contact (07) 32162664 or 0414 940075. [email protected] com_
(mailto:[email protected] com) [_d_orchard (AT) bigpond.com_
(mailto:[email protected] com) ]

xposted _http://birdhotline. com/viewlost. htm#Australia_
(http://birdhotline. com/viewlost. htm#Australia)
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