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Hiya everyone. Our computer went *poof* and it took me sometime to find another one I actually trusted with my work. Mister and Tarsula (Tara for short) are doing great and on top of that, Mister has officially stopped nipping, glad to say those days are far behind him. Oh and we got another rescue but that bird thinks the tiels are play toys so her pictures will be up in "other pets". So here's the porkies (daughter can't say cockatiel yet), sorry if images are to big, I always have problems with resizing no matter how many times I read that sticky. Tara is on the left in each picture ( have no idea how that happened), Mister on the right.

Tara always looks just a touch more regal then Mister, just don't let him know. With the never ending pretty bird and wolf whistles from him, he is suppose to be the *regal king of the cage*.

Tara refuses to play with toys in the cage, would rather unwire them from the roof so she can get the satisfaction of them falling. What she doesn't realize is Mommy is about to remove all toys and clean it anyway since Mister is a slob when eating, so she is saving me a step.;)

They ran away into the travel cage during a cage cleaning and looked at me as if I forced them in to the evil tiny cage.
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