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living room pic-nic...

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Cinn kept on annoying my flatmate, but jumping onto his keyboard whyle he was trying to work... so i made a quick and easy 'living room pick nick'....
here she is enjoying it..
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Dirty mouths! Looks yummy (for a tiel)...PS- are those live worms??
I'm sure they are full of protein and part of their natural diet but I don't think I could ever touch one to feed them. Plus knowing Baby she's run like **** from any moving

yeah when you get them out, they are in a small plastic container mixed with oats (what they eat) and you keep them in the fridge... this makes them dormant and they dont move... you can get them out with your fingers or a spoon or something, my birds like to pick at the oats too so you wont have to sift through it all to pick out the worms...
then if you hold them in your hand they will wake and start crawling in a minute or two, but if you put them straight in the dish, the time it takes them to start moving will depend on how hot a day it is...
In your fridge...don't take it personal but I have a serious bug gave me the crawlies just looking at the pics..:eek::p What if they escape out of the dish and multipy in your house..just thinking worst case scenerios
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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