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Ok so im sure some of you have heard that im not going to do cockatiels at least for a few years but I haven't seen anything that separates the care for different types of birds so might as well ask here.

Question: I was wondering if lavender plants are safe around birds. I cannot ask a vet this question at the moment as I don't know any up here except VCA and they are a-holes. We have some lavender plants around the house like the kind that you need to water and they grow bigger and such. I was hoping that I could keep them in the room with the bird to lile freshen up the room and to look cool. I am planning on adding a basil and a cilantro and a basil plant into my room, the cilantro for my guinea pigs to munch on and the basil bc I heard they were very healthy for a bird to munch on. I got a lot kf confusing answers because people were mostly wondering about the pre-cut variety rather than the plant so I dont know.

Also I was reading on air purifiers and they will be a great option but i was wondering something. When my baby Toodles died our dryer had some type of malfunction or something (idr what it was) and I was wondering if an air purifier with charcoal filters and all that fancy crap would clear toxins like that out of the air while they are occurring rather than after they have affected my birds health.

Thanks everyone and please answer BOTH questions.
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