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Hi all,

I'm from England and I'm looking at getting a cockatiel bird for my fiance as she loves birds, we also have two budgies that we've had for 3+ years.

I'm fairly confident with keeping the bird from what I have researched with regards to their diet, cage, health issues to look out for, attention they require, toys etc however there are still some holes in my knowledge.

I'm going to assume that the new bird should be kept in the spare bedroom for four to five weeks in quarantine (the two budgies are in the dining room downstairs). However I'm unsure how to introduce the new tiel' to budgies; should I keep the budgies in their cage while the tiel' is free, other way round or both free at the same time? I've read that budgies and tiels' can get on but I'd like to make sure that I get it right first time around.

Is there any advice this forum can give me regarding taking on new tiel' having not kept one before? We both have the time and commitment to look after it but I'd like to make as few mistakes as possible!

Thanks :ylw lovie:
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