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I just wanna say hi everyone. I've been reading different posts here for a few days (which have been super helpful so thanks everyone) and decided I should join. If this is long, I apologise. I am terrible at posting things online. You will understand soon why I can't do Twitter! Haha.

My husband and I added 2 bugies(or parakeets, as they call them here) a few months ago and a cockatiel about a week ago to our flock that had already consisted of 2 dogs and our 2 human children.

I haven't spent much time around birds, neither has my husband. The closest I've ever been to birds of any kind had been budgies my grandmother whom was big into gaming had she named Mario and Luigi. They were awesome. She had trained them to speak and even had taught to sing the Mario Bros theme. Too bad it was long before youtube!

I will say the birds began as my oldest sons birds, but now we are all enjoying them equally.

I never imagined we would get birds but after watching my son spend a few weeks nursing a young morning dove back to health that we had found bringing in patio furniture during a bad storm next to her dead sibling we never would of considered it. I know when you find a bird in wild like that your supposed to leave them alone but we couldn't just walk away and leave her there to drown or die from debris flying around. Winds were over 30 mph that night and water had already covered patio about an inch deep when we found her.

Lets just say after that experiance with my son feeding her formula and later solids, he became a real bird enthusiast, hes even been talking about volunteering at a bird sanctuary to take care of injured birds. His interest has spead like wildfire among our family. I never imagined how incredibly fun birds make as pets! We've been having a blast with them. Theres something magical about walking in on your husband dancing around singing with these tiny little critters to his music. They are the only ones in the house who seem to like the music he listens to so that won him over. Lol.

Our first feathered addition to family was a pastel colored female budgie my son named Queen Darwin. Feeling bad to have seperated her from her mate I went back the next day and got the little green male she had already bonded with that we named Drogo... I was skeptical about how tame they were as the store we got them had said, but was pleased when the vet we took them to commented on how tame they were at their check up.

Then a few days ago my parents got him a cockatiel for his birthday who he named Cyber. Cyber is finally starting to settle in. I went and got him a cage the exact make as what he had been kept in at the store(they make and sell them there...its an awesome store!) to make a space for him close to what he was already used to. Hes been very quiet, and was the only cockatiel at the store that seemed more interested is us then the other birds he was caged with, he was right up practically begging us to take him with us. Its only been a few days since we brought him home so I'm assuming like the budgies he will begin to warm up to us the more time that hes here and the more comfortable he gets. He seems very curious and isnt really scared of us as long as we don't put our hands in cage (he moves away quickly when we do, but doesnt seem scared as he did before). He did perch on my arm for a few minutes when we brought him home, thoug I think that was because of the initial shock from so much new stuff around him because he hasn't since and we are trying not to force anything on any of the birds.

As I said I don't know much about birds, its all new to me so I will probably have questions eventually.

Thanks for hanging in and reading this I know its probably a lot. Its really nice to have found this forum. I am excited to get to talk with everyone here!
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