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Hi hi!
I'm Grace and I have 4 beautiful feathered kids.

Tori - a super friendly and loving lutino cockatiel girl. 7years
Levi - a very feral and shy pied cockatiel boy age unknown (found in my yard 5years ago very weak)

Blizzard - a beautiful but fiesty blue budgie boy 4years
Wildfire - a soft and devoted (to blizzard at least) yellow budgie boy. 2years

I was thrown into the bird world unexpectedly and thought I was doing everything right until the tiels got sick.
At the avian vet yesterday I realised how badly I've been doing. (Couldn't have been doing too badly seeing as the feathers have survived 7 years with me but I want to do better)

i read all the articles and will be making changes to diet, housing and cleaning.

See you all around and will most likely chat soon!
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