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Hey all, bare with me bit of a long post.

i Have 2 cockatiels, both male, one about 12-18 month (Mario) and the other less then a year old (Luigi)

I have owned Mario for coming up to a year and Luigi 4 month, both bought from pet shops, different ones.

I have just found Mario dead on the bottom of the cage (on his back,stiff, head tilted abit to the side, eyes and beak open) I think hes just died and fell off the perch. He was he was fine 4 hours prior. He was showing no signs of illness but he was showing some now to think about it weird traits.

About 2 weeks ago I came home to find my other cockatiel Luigi on the bottom of the cage, barely alive, he was fine in the morning and when i came home was on deaths door. He looked as if he had a stroke like falling over to one side and was barely alive.

I took him to the vet and they injected him with calcium, anti biotics and they also re-hydrated him. I had to give him anti biotics at home for the next 2 days, he came back to him chirpy self so I was pleased.

I've noticed Mario getting more and more yellow in colour mainly on his chest area, thought it might be just the time of the year but hoping you guys can shed some light.

But the big thing ive noticed the past couple of weeks is they tend to mate, I thought it was Luigi instigating it originally as Mario makes some weird noises when its happening but today when i was in the same room as them, I seen Mario like pester Luigi which he ignored for abit but eventually Luigi gave in and climbed on top of Mario and he started doing humping motions while standing on Marios back, Mario had his tail feathers spread and again was making these weird chirping noises. I thought that he was just going through a "Horny" phase.

So would any of these be a factor, im guessing whatever Luigi had has spread to Mario and i just haven't been able to catch it as there were no physical symptoms i could tell at the time.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I think im a jonah of some sort and am not destined to keep birds.

Many Thanks
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