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ok i got Jojo out once i dropped hermione at school (first day back she was nervous and excited ) , charles was in the room, i told him to ignore jojo, which he did then i said talk to jojo which he did, he hen slowly came towards jojo, who put his wings up so he stepped back and jojo was fine, then out of no where jojo flew to charles, charles the prat put his hand and shoulders up so jojo cam back to me, then while he was playing his fav game(eating the laptop keys), and he flew and landed on Charles's shoulder, i am not daft enough to think he has fully bonded but its a step, as i know jojo doest fly to anyone he doesn't like, jojo then moved round on charles who asked me to move him as he was scared asked me nicely and calmly to move him,

so jojo the little star has been very brave today and he does seem more happy, charles is scared of her because she bigger than the budgies lol,

i know you all said to move jojo upstairs but i felt that it would be unfair as the living room is his space, if this didn't work or he got upset again i would have moved him, i just thought i would try this first , reading jojo he did look a lot more relaxed,
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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