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I know tiels love to pick at everything but Ziggy is a little too obsessed with my rings and bracelets...They're either silver or white gold- He doesn't acctually eat them but likes to just "chew" them? Is there anything I need to worry about with that?
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I would not let him do it often. Jewlery is rarely one metal.
nickel or lead plated jewlery is toxic and lead can be fatal to them thats all I know I am not sure about gold be careful with letting him chew on it though its a bad habit to get into, espically if he is trying to pull the earring right out of your ear Ollie tried to do that to the baby I just removed him when he got close and he stoppd doing it he also likes to try and chew on my wedding band I just move my hand away so he can't get it and he looks for something else to do :D
Yea- that's what I'll do. I haven't let him really play with it but he's just really intrested!
I don't let my guys chew my jewelery because they have sliced through a couple of necklaces before and i don't like my stuff getting wrecked. :p
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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