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Jasper and Charlie

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Well it's finally happened (actually happened about a week ago). Jasper finished his quarantine and moved into the living room with Charlie. At first I just put their cages side by side and let them have outside the cage time together. So every day, when I got home from work, I would let them out and put them on top of Charlie's cage. At night they would both go back to their own cages. But this weekend they got to spend all day out together and Jasper discovered the joys of Charlie's cage. I let them spend the night together and things went really well. Jasper taught Charlie to give him space and Charlie finally taught Jasper all about toys. So although they don't love each other, they are getting along fairly well. I'm very relieved.

Jasper has also turned out to be a pretty good mimic... lol of wild birds. He was chirping away yesterday. When I whistled back to him he would put his head down and do the heart wing thing and whistle right back. Charlie kept looking as Jasper like he was going crazy. :love:

And what would an update be without adding a few pictures. Enjoy.

Jasper has got the biggest crest I have ever seen.

Charlie's favorite position. He is 7 months old today and is definitely starting his first moult. Sigh... bye bye pearls.
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There both very handsome, thats great there getting along :D
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