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WOW great find! I cant wait to see some of the finished products you made.

I went to michaels and got tub of beads for like 10 bucks and still not done them. lol

Good job bea. I'm waiting for money lol. With school soon starting i have to spend most on stuff for school. I found a site that has 500 neon pony beads for about $5 cnd. Great price really considering i'm paying about $5 here for 100. I'm ordering some cotten this week i hope. Just for to wait for the person to get back to me.

Also these are really nice finish to some projects if you can find them

I couldn't find any so i was going to order some at .30 a bead( was going to order $13 in them which would have been 44 beads). I went to wal mart and found about 40 for $6. I used them to finish off a swing i made and its looks great. Still waiting to make a few more things before i post what i've made.
I got those from walmart too! lol. Except i used mine all up making a climbing net thing.
I'll have to order more stuff too.

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