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Ive expanded my flock

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Ive expanded my flock yesterday i got 8 more cockatiels yes 8! there all normal greys split for lutino, pearl, cinnimon, etc (according to the man i got them of) 3 breeding pairs and 2 spare boys :D
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WOW 8 !!!...hehe you have quite the collection going :p congrats on the new additions :) are you going to be breeding them.
Hopefully yes, im quarintineing them for a month, and ive got to buy a few more nestboxes first though lol :)
EIGHT!!! :eek: Wow! Congrats. Do you have an aviary or something?
Yes, my grandad made me a temperary one its 4ft high x 4 ft wide x 2 foot back i must admit its a bit of a tight squeze for them but i took them on unexpectedly im getting them a bigger one soon, i have the money just looking around for something within my buget, and when there out of quarintine they will have free flight of the room (spare bedroom converted in to the birds room lol) :)
Lucky birds having their own room!! :D
8!!!!!! WOW!!!! You are going to have to call in "The POOP Patrol"!!!:eek:
Congrats on your new addition!! Wow, 8 is a lot but you have an aviary so you have an excuse! :p
Peek-A-Boo - that made me laugh LOL! :D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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