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I've Been Busy Baking...

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I spent the morning baking some birdie bread for the fids, seeing as i was in the kitchen and in the mood to be cooking i also made them some nice herby/spicy/carroty cous cous, and i tried making some birdie cookies for the first time!

I know that they all like birdie bread, so that was chopped up and put straight into the freezer, same with the cous cous, but i was curious to see how the cookies went down!

Ozzie approaches...


Enjoys! Good old Ozzie, he can be trusted to try any new food, especially if it looks bread like.

The tiels went right in for the kill too, but they were moving about so much in their enthusiasm that a clear photo was proving impossible to get!

So i got a quick video of them devouring their cookie.
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They are liking that cookie in the video! :D It's so funny when you have food for them in your hand their eyes go too the food and then to you, and back and forth! :lol: We're not trying to rob any! :innocent: Hopefully!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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