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it's Official my ole' man has lost his mind LOL

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we've been searching for some male cockatiels - since we've got 4 females all I keep finding are Babies - none of ours are babies they're all 2 -4 yrs old if not older

well I was on Craigslist and found an Add for 15 Cockatiels, in mutations of white face, Lutino and Pied

he called the number listed on the ad - the lady said she's not sure how many males vs/ female she had but he could take the whole lot for $100.00

and it just happens his Friend had a doctors apt. at the VA(veterans) Hospital today and the lady's house was on the way !!!!

Now i told him I agree it's a great DEAL, BUT my side is we don't need 12-15 UNSEXED birds - the only one's were going to be able to look at and say " okay thats a male" are the white faces(they used to all be breeders so they're of age)

She did send pics but not of all the birds - I only saw 3 white face males

SO that means we're going to have to Decphire between the Males and females of the Pieds and Lutinos - and There is no way to look at them and say okay "thats male" or "thats female" - - IS THERE? an easy non complicated sure fire way LOL

And I sure don't need 12-15 (she wasn't even sure how many she had left) birds on top of the 12 I've already got - - Right now, because I'll be moving Soon - to a bigger house - - BUT thats more to move! and since i'll be moving at the 1st of decemeber I was hoping to get the birds moved as fast as possiable because its gonna be cold

So am I only here when I say my boyfriend just lost his mind! LOL

Granted I can find the females homes with ease I see people all over my area wanting them BUT the point is I try to talk to him about certain birds I see for sale, and it's " no we dont need any right now " or " no thats not really a good deal" ( like with a pair of love birds i found ( i saw one at the pet shop the other day and fell in love with it) the lady wanted 65.00 for BOTH - one is Dutch blue, one is Cinnaman - i looked them up and basic pricing for them around here was 50 bucks and up for ONE

but HE sees somthing he wants and jumps all over it :rolleyes:

MEN i swear LOL

ok ok I know not all men are the same :p
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Maybe with the pieds and lutinos you could try and sex by behaviour if there whistling etc....
12-15 Cockatiels :eek: thats alot to get all at once I always say the more the merrier but wow ....hehe $100.00 is a good deal for all of them did she say why there so cheap? the breeder where I got my babies from had breeders for sale but she wanted $100 just for a pair.
Do you think he will come home with them
she was a "rescue" not a breeder, but here's the rest of the story

But I just got off the phone with my b/f - and niether one of us are too happy right now, I've already posted on craigslist (where i found her ad) so NO ONE WILL deal with her

She's a Liar and this rescue was down right discusting

They ( my boyfriend and his friend) went 30 mins out of their way to pick up the "15 cockatiels" because she said she was in a wreck and could not drive ( they had to not only go 30 mins out of their way - but 30 mins the opposite dirrection of where our friends doct. apt is)

They get there - she is in the drivers seat of her car with a friend getting ready to drive away! ( hmm can't drive??)

then there are ONLY 8! cockatiels and 2 were removed from the group AFTER we told her we would buy her entire lot of cockatiels!

and he was still charged $100 for the 8 after she Said it was for 15

he had to walk out of the place several times because all you can smell is Dog Poo - all the aniamls are in unfit living conditions - he said the birds have poo all over them even on their BACKS!!! so I'm going to be the "bad guy" when they get here because they will get a bath rather they like it or not! that is just WRONG is so many ways!

So now my mission is getting this lady Turned in - she's supposed to be running a Animal Rescue NOT some nasty place I don't even know what to call it

but Im extreamly mad and she is really lucky all i am doing is posting about her on line So others won't get umm Screwed over is the only way i can put it

She didn't even tell me a few of the birds have been PLUCKED!! I even asksed for pics - that explains why all the pics were front views ONLY none of their backs or the back s of the heads!
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Thats awful sorry I thought they were breeders I didn't realize they were rescues :( I really don't know how people can live with themselves keeping animal's in that kind of condition, poor birdies your doing a good thing by taking them and giving them a better life hopefully they will all be ok who knows what they picked up in that house obviously she didn't care one bit, I guess its all about the dollar for her I am glad you are "Outing" her people like that shouldn't be allowed to keep animals :mad: let us know how it goes when they get home.
I will, and you can count on pictures too - Gotta have proof they are not in good shape before i clean them ,

I don't understand how she can call her self a "rescue" I got a email from a lady that saw my post on craigs list, bought 2 tiels from her and they were in the same condition, she said the lady has a house (she lives in) then a house behind it and thats where the birds are/ dogs etc are and she said it stunk to high heaven and that her birds were filthy as well

these birds were used as breeders my b/f called me a few mins ago and said they're bitters they've bit him quit a few times

But I'm hoping breeders can be pets also *I know its unlikley in quakers * but i'm hoping since tiels are so docile they won't be mean when we breed them, if we still give them attention and all the good stuff we've been doing with the girls
I hope that lady gets in a ton of trouble :mad: I hope you keep those birds far from you others for at least two months. Poor birdies :(
That's sad that those poor babies don't have ONE god forever home..I hate seeing people treat birds like objects.
People like this lady is what gives good rescues a bad rap. She is a horder and not a rescue and needs to be turned in. Can you call the local SPCA or animal control? It sounds that all animals she currently has are living in unfit conditions.

Keep those tiels quarantied and away from your current birds and have them checked by a vet to make sure they are not sick or carrying any diseases. Glad they are out of that sad situation and with you now.
Oh how awful. :( I'm glad they're with you now, i sure hope this lady gets in huge trouble for what she's doing.
we've called the Animal control in her county, Plus I contacted pet finder because she had them on there as well, but they're out of the office until the 15th

and these poor birds are in WORSE condition then I thought - NOT all of them but most of them

I'm in the process of trying to get pics, but with them bieng scared, and just getting here Im only getting a few here and there and letting them calm down and get settled in

but here's what I've seen so far

The Lutino: has a bald spot (from bieng plucked clean) about the size of a quater on the back of her head,its even got fresh blood spots on the flesh) when she stretches the entire back of her neck is compelty bald and it runs down into the "shoulder blades" It is difficult to get pics of BUT i'll keep trying

it is similar to my white face (baby) i'm not sure if i posted pics of her or not - the diffrence is its actually about 4xs worse, and on Baby I can see the stringy( i know its not actually strings) that covers the birds flesh
on this lutino its not there or if it is , its just a tiney amount you can see PURE FLESH ( it is sicking I can't look at her for long)

One of the white face is missing a Toe Nail

another white face - wing was either Cut so far that they cut into the bones, or it got broken off, but it looks freshly done, and where their wings lay flat on to their body when he lifts his wings you can see where the bones sticking out of the wing has rubbed his side RAW! (thats going to be a challenge to get a picture of)

my b/fs dad told him since its only ONE wing they may have cut it on purpose and cut partial bones off so it would never fly again

theres another white face missing some feathers but no where near as bad as the Lutino

I know there is a Feather disease starts with a 'G" that causes them to loose thier feathers, it isn't from pecking - BUT i cant remember what its called, but I'm going to have to look it up and see if this is the problem or IF they were actually plucked

if it is the feather Disease - I cant even use them as breeders - because I was told the disease goes to the chick but kills the babies

I'm so upset, i don't know what to do - I can't stand to look at the lutino right now it just turns my stomach, and the white face with the bones sticking out of the wings I don't know if i should wrap it with somthing so it's side can heal from being rub raw or what

I don't have the moeny to take 8 birds to a vet all at once, SHE never said any had problems - she said they were all perfect feather and healthy!!!!!

We didn't know how bad they really were until we got them home and took them out of the travel cage and put them into the main cage

and they bite SO bad, they made my b/f bleed many times on the way home ( it was a hour drive)
I don't blame them for biting, they're scared, they are breeders who never had any interaction at all

I think i'll just go curl up in bed and cry for them since they can't cry on their own

I've gotten tons of emails withing 2 mins of posting about her on craigslist (thats where i found her) one was from a Rescue asking if i minded giving her the Womans name/where abouts because there has been a woman on C.list "taking in all birds from any where" using different screen names and emails & they've been trying to catch her
So i gave them all the info I had - I only had her 1st name ( but the Animal control ppl knew excatly who we were talking about with just her 1st name they've investigated her before!!) I gave them her "rescues" name, address and phone number & I will give it to any one who asks for it - I don't want any one else duped by her

And they're bieng quartined from the rest of my birds ( i always quartine) and I told my b/f this quaratine will most likely last longer then the normal 30 days I usally do

so that means when we move, They'll either have to be moved 1st or last - and NOT with the rest of my birds - we had a game plan for moving my birds already (because it'll be the first of dec and i'm moving about 10 miles or so from where i live now) but that was discussed before we got these ones, So now we just got to decided which set goes first ( new or old) because all my budgies/ my origonal 4 tiels and my quaker can all be around eachother
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Hey...well atleast they are safe with you now. The lutinos have a genetic trait which gives some a bald spot on the back of their head so that's normal. Hopefully that's the case with your babies and he wasn't plucked. Sorry to hear they were treated so badly though..It'll take alot of work to get them tame and trusting human hands again but it can be done. Ziggy was pretty banged up from the petshop with cuts and bruises, even the skin on the side of his beak was ripped. They said he was in a fight. I had to clean the areas constantly and applied neoporin on it (which the vet recommended). I'll try and get more info for you. That's crazy that the animal control knew of her already...shame...

EDIT: Here is a link I find really helpfull
I know about the "normal" bald spot - Lily has it but this other one is completly bald clean down to the skin with Blood spots and all

here is One pic i've got of the back of its head so far the spot is actually much bigger then the pic shows it goes clean up under the crest ( i could put a quarter on it and it would no doubt cover the bald spot) Tiels 11 13 07/Picture008.jpg

its not the best pic, he/she was curious to what i was doing, but that baldness goes down into its neck (when it stretches his neck up you can see flesh not feathers), and into its "shoulder blades" ( not sure if its called that on birds also)

I'm going to try to get better pics as they settle in
Oh my word!!! I've just finished reading this thread, it's absolutely disgusting that people can treat any animal or bird in this way. I'm so glad that you reported her, I hope that they throw the book at her and take all the animals and birds that she has left into a safe place.

Looking at all the birds and their various problems, plus the quarantining, must seem like a really daunting task right now, but they are so lucky to be with you now, that whatever you do to them and for them, they won't ever get hurt again. It's people like you that take in the hurt and lame that deserve a medal. I just know that in time with the love and attention you give them, they will get to trust you.

I was just looking at the pic of the lutino, that looks a little bigger then with a normal bald spot, Minnie has one but when her crest is down you can't see it and when its up you can only see a little bit around her feathers, that looks pretty bad on your lutino how are the rest doing? I am sure just being out of that nasty house there doing much better have you heard anymore news?
Oh my word!!! I've just finished reading this thread, it's absolutely disgusting that people can treat any animal or bird in this way. I'm so glad that you reported her, I hope that they throw the book at her and take all the animals and birds that she has left into a safe place.

Looking at all the birds and their various problems, plus the quarantining, must seem like a really daunting task right now, but they are so lucky to be with you now, that whatever you do to them and for them, they won't ever get hurt again. It's people like you that take in the hurt and lame that deserve a medal. I just know that in time with the love and attention you give them, they will get to trust you.


Thanks I am trying my best they're getting along pretty well, they are in a big cage and still squabble - BUT then again so do all my birds - but its not constanst and they're not hurting eachother

yes the lutinos bald spot is NOT the normal spot, I've got more pics to add to photo bucket, my boyfriend held them while I attempted to get a decent pic - its not the greatest but you can see where she's missing feathers between her wings , i still haven't gotten a good pick of her neck area where the feathers are gone right down the center

The one with the broken / cute wing gets stuck on the floor if it misses the cage or Play tree, SO my boyfriend put a ladder on the outside of the cage at the bottom , Hopeing he'll use it to help him self climb back up

they're still fiesty with us, but we still talk to them and and spend a few mins off and on all day in with them plus they're in my daughtes room so when she's home from school she's in there pretty much all evening

I emailed the human societies head deptartment last night and sent all the pics i have taken so far - waiting for a reply back from them
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I'm glad they're in your hands now. Hope the humane society does something about it.
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