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It's official...I got a name...

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Well, I couldn't stand calling it IT anymore, so I came to the conclusion that I did find me a little boy. I don't know if this makes a difference but his feet and his head are larger than Baby's...turns out that he's in love with my jewlery and mirrors..hmmm....also seems to take dorky looking pics...just like Bea's Bailey (no offense :p)...I made a kissing sound and he made it back today and but he still has that baby we'll see.:) I did want a boy but if it's a girl it's all the same to me. :D SOOO...the name I decide on is ZIGGY. :)

in this pic you can see where the skin on the side of the beak was ripped and is now bruised- I'm cleaning it regularly along with his other battle wounds like his leg and the top of his head. Hope my baby heals soon!
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*Waves to Ziggy*

Bless, I hope he gets better soon, he's so lucky to have found you to care for him.
I love his name!! I'm glad to you decided to give 'it' a gender!
Ziggy is adorable. :)
Ziggy is a perfect name for him!! :D I will get to work on that new siggy for you. ;)
Yay!! you finally gave him a name :p Ziggy is good I love it...:D He is lucky to have found someone as nice as you to take him in and give him love :)
Ziggy is a perfect name for him!! :D I will get to work on that new siggy for you. ;)
Hey Bea- don't worry about it just it- I want to get some good pics of him and then you can do it. I don't want to ask you to do it twice for no reason. ;) Thanks again- you're great at that stuff!

Everyone thanks for the compliments- I think Ziggy suits him just fine- I started calling him by it already.:rolleyes:
I think Ziggy sounds like a great name for him :D
thats cute stretch also loves to play with my medic alert bracelet as well
love the name ziggy. Such a cute name. Hope you the best with this little one
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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