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It has been a long while since I was last on this forum. Well, let's see, what has been going on since I last posted here.
1. My female lutino pearl Skittles passed away last year.
2. Celebrated 4 years with Elvis this past February, looking forward to year 5!
3. Elvis has found out that one of my budgies will accept his love and is now mad that I forbid it.
4. Got a new cat last month, he had his first wellness exam yesterday, looking good!
5. Dexter doesn't get along with Samantha (my older cat)
6. Elvis got a nice new cage, an A&E flight cage.
7. That cage was for my conure, who had passed away not too long after discovering mold in the room. No cell service = email the vet = they didn't respond quick enough.
8. Earlier in the month I had found, and clean mold in the bird room. They got to the vet...minus Mango. They are in good health now.
9. 1 cockatiel + 1 bourke + 3 budgies = 5 little annoying feather creatures that I love very much.

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