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it must be that unusual...

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I can't really find anything about it on the web anywhere...this bird actually LUNGES and digs in as hard as he/she can. There's no sweet time in between...will even go so far as to lunge and hit the side of the cage when I walk by...
So when I've looked up biting, they seem to be referring to a bird almost had me in stitches...literally...and wouldn't let go. Just kept digging in and digging in until my fiance tapped it on the beak. It's becoming a terrifying little guy, and I really don't know how to handle it. My other cockatiel is a sweetie....
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I think this question was answered in your other post, sorry this one was missed, I was curious though how old is your new tiel?
I just found out that the tiel that was so aggressive is only 10 weeks old. I took her to a lady at the local pet shop who had offered to do some watching and observing behavior to better help me deal with the situation. I will pick her up tomorrow and hopefully have a better understanding of what's going on with her.
thats great the lady has offered to help you, I hope she will be able to give some tips and advice on dealing with the new tiel .
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