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so my bird is about 1 years old now

a few days ago i saw something stuck in his eye, for about two days i tried to help him get rid of it and i did but i was stuck to a couple of feathers surrounding his eye.

a day later he looked okay

and then the next day when i went to wake him up i saw that his eyelids have kinda bulged and became a little red

today i saw that his eye was no longer red but the feathers arround his eye had started to fall and bulged a little bit more so i went to the vet and he recommended 'refresh tears' eye drops once a day

here are some pics of him 5 hours after i used the eye drop on his eye
Bird Cockatoo Eye Parrot Sulphur-crested cockatoo
Bird Eye Human body Beak Parrot

do i visit a specialist

i saw someone on redit being concern about his bird, who looked way worse that qwaky (my bird)
it turned out that his bird had cancer and the treatment costs alot

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I'm not sure about your bird's eye but it looks like it may have gotten infected (maybe, thats just my theory) from the thing stuck to his eye. Just continue giving him the treatment your vet gave him. If it gets any worse, revisit the vet
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