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Hey guys I went by the Vet today for a checkup and we are shiny and in tip top shape, he told me to go grab Pellets also to start giving her some either with the food or use them as extra treats etc.

So I went by my usual pet shop but they didn't have the Versele-Laga Nutribird G14 [ that usually serves tiels ] and gave me the B14 instead telling me that it's totally fine as well.

I'm a picky guy and even though I bought it I thought to research and ask about it as well if you guys know it to be ok.

Instead of copying the lists of ingredients here [ if anybody wants them]

B14 Ingredients

G14 Ingredients

[ sorry if these kinds of links are not allowed and got something missing from the rules page :x ]

Thank you in advance!


I'm so embarrassed I didn't even see the tiel on the b14 page when I was reading the contents lol.. I guess b14 is fine as well woop.

Please close this thread whenever possible as the matter is solved. :)
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