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Should I get my bird a friend?

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Should i get a friend for my cockatiel?

In mai a cockatiel came to stay at my place. I have not been able to find its owner so far..

The cockatiel is super shy and wont let me come too close. Since we have not been able to create a close connection I was wondering if I should get a friend for him..or is there a risk that they might not get allong?

I have no idea how old my bird is or if it is male or female & what it previous housing conditions were..

the bird does not get out of its cage even when i leave the door open all day. when he does get out he flies arround as if he has been startled. once he settles down he then proceeds to stay there in the same spot. he does not even return to his food and water inside the cage unless I put him back inside the cage..(using a

i was wondering if i should get an other cockatiel that is already tamed. So my cockatiel will have a friend and on top of that he will see me interacting with the other bird and thus might get friendlier with time.

on the other hand I was thinking that they might not get allong and fight.. & then I need 2 seperate cages..ect ect..defeating the whole purpose of getting a 2nd bird..

what are your thoughts? any advice?
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