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I have a male pied cockatiel whose mutation has had me confused since he was a baby. I've ruled out that he isn't a dominant silver, but I'm thinking he might be a recessive silver or split to it. He's a much lighter grey than any normal grey, but he's not brown like his cinnamon pied mother. I've heard that cinnamon can mask the colouring of the silver, and his mom is cinnamon so maybe that's why it's not so distinct. Both his parents have the diluted edges to their flight feathers and so does he. He is also very scalloped on his back which he didn't used to have when he was a baby. He had red eyes when he was a baby, and now he only has red pupils. If anyone could please clear this up for me, I'd be so happy! TIA. Sorry, there are two of the same photo. The first photo shows the parents, and the second is of the dad's wing. The rest of the photos are of the pied.
Bird Cockatiel Vertebrate Beak Parrot
Bird Cockatiel Vertebrate Beak Parrot
Petal Feather Art Wing Tints and shades
Membranophone Feather Safety glove Natural material Human leg
Bird Beak Gesture Finger Accipitridae
Sleeve Gesture Finger Feather Human leg
Bird Beak Fish Finger Feather
Bird Cockatiel Accipitridae Beak Feather
Fish Art Wood Human leg Fur
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