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My poor Popcorn went into panic mode because of my mum suddenly slamming the door shut by accident, and he’s hit his head multiple times, quite hard : ( My mum is insisting he is only dizzy and would get better soon, but I don’t feel convinced.

He’s become very sleepy and fluffed up all of a sudden. However, he still sings and pecks my face if put in front of the mirror or I play his favorite videos. Popcorn also still accepts my scritches, and he hasn’t regurgitated or fallen off his perch. He still steps up, responds to change in environment (like visibly becoming upset when I bring him back to his cage, haha), and gets grumpy like he always does when I try to poke him.

Basically, he acts like he always does except that he goes to sleep if there is nothing to do. Still, I’m extremely worried as he’s been my little ray of sunshine for almost a year. I don’t know what I’d do without him. There are not many Avian vets in Japan, and the nearest one to me is quite far.
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