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It's been a while since I posted here, mostly because on Christmas Eve of last year, my sweet girl Amelia got out when her travel cage broke. She flew away, and I never saw her again-- something which truly broke my heart. I didn't have another bird for quite a while now.

Then back in March, I gave a deposit to my local and trusted breeder as a deposit for whenever she had cockatiel babies again. I left that as that and though impatient, tried to do my best to wait.

But then about 2 months ago, I saw Gus on Facebook. He was for sale for 75 dollars, having been housed with a pair of lovebirds in a cage which wasn't even intended for birds. His age was unknown, his owner had died, and he had ended up being "fostered" with this woman who could no longer keep him. In short, he needed me. I could feel it. And the old boy who was supposed to have been hand tamed once just melted my heart. I had to have him. I bought him, with the person from whom I contacted to buy him, bringing him to her door to meet me with him in a very small cardboard shipping box, the bird trapped inside and terrified. He was slamming himself against the sides of the box, with just a handful of air holes popped in the top. (This was in spite of the fact I brought a small pet carrier with me and had told the person I would be bringing as much) He was so scared and so angry and it hurts me to imagine how hard that must have been for him and how much he must have hated being stuck in there. He even broke one of his tail feathers in all the scuffle and it fell off and has yet to fill back in. I have no clue about his background or age or anything other than he is a boy.

He is a sweet bird, but a very grumpy guy. Thus the name Gus. My grumpy Gus. XD I have him in a large, appropriate cage, feeding him pellets and seed and millet (he refuses all produce but I'm always trying XD). He sings often, he flies around my apartment a lot, although he does primarily just like to find places to rest, he has no interest in toys really and just spends a lot of his day sitting around. When out of his cage, he likes to perch near me or near/on the cage I temporarily am housing for the summer with a set of parakeets inside. He absolutely REFUSES all hand contact though. I can feed him from my hand, even from my fingers in very close range-- and once before he landed on my shoulder. But he hisses and bites at me anytime my hand is what he deems as too close. In or out of his cage. He is NOT a fan of the idea of being touched or even having someone THINK of touching him. haha

Now, I gave you all this background both to emphasize I am not like going into this owning two cockatiels half baked kind of thing, and to make sure I give all info about Gus's behavior. Because cut to this week, I am going to pick up that aforementioned hand raised cockatiel baby who I put a deposit on four months ago. She is 10 weeks old, a gorgeous little pearl girl I am naming Tilly, and she and Gus will be housed in separate cages.

My main question is with bringing her home this Saturday, I am so SO SO worried about Gus displaying aggression with her. And so I am wondering, because I know so little about him, how do I go about introducing them. And how do I go about handling aggression if it is displayed. I love having the ability to take 2 or 3 hours in the evening and let him out, and I hope to do the same with her (and were I not worried about the aggression in him, I would be doing with the parakeets). I'm just hoping someone here with more experience can maybe help.
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