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Here are some photos to introduce you to my two gorgeous cresties Cookie and Bailee! :D

I'll start with Cookie, i've had her for about 11 months. I got her at the beginning of September '06 as an early 17th birthday present. She was 8 weeks old when i got her. She's grown from a velcro-tiel baby to a total princess. Cookie always has two of my budgie boys chasing her, i think she likes the attention! :p She still loves a good snuggle with her mummy though and i'm happy to scritch her head for as long as she wants!

As you can see she's also a total poser when the camera is out!

And now for my total dorky baby, Bailee! He joined the flock in December '06 as a slightly early xmas present and a buddy for Cookie. I bought Bailee from a breeder and he was handreared. After being in the house for about a week he was chattering like a maniac and we knew we had a male! He quickly learnt to wolf whistle and now he can do the whistle to call a dog, a siren whistle, pop goes the weasel, charge, and he's almost got the hang of the start of the Harry Potter theme.

See, i said he was a dork!

Like Cookie he's a total poser!

And that's the cresties! Enjoy!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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