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Greetings from Michigan!
I am a proud feather mama of 2 budgies and one Cockatiel called Beaker.
He (?) is about 6-months old and quite the character! Loves to whistle the Imperial March and the Addams Family theme- and is already saying “such a good boy Beaker”, and “kiss kiss.” Today we began target training and he’s doing well already.
Also, he is eating well and likes the birdie chop I make.

I am a first time cockatiel owner; I have only had budgies before, so I welcome advice!

Especially because Beaker is going through his first molt.
(I tend to be a worry wort, and right now I worry about:
(1) his feet- although clean light colored, they are dry
(2) his cere- looks a little dry and not smooth and waxy, like budgies.
(3) the dark color between his eyes-
I think he will be yellow faced, but is this dark “mask” normal? I don’t see mites... )

All guidance appreciated!
Thank you in advance!


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