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Inside cage

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I’ve just moved house to a new estate and there is a bit of bush next door and behind my yard. When I’m at work during the day I’ve always put my cockatiel outside in his cage and then bring him inside during the night. I’m worried there could be snakes out in the bush (I haven’t seen any but I don’t really want to risk it) and I am beginning to think maybe I should be leaving my bird inside during the day as well. Is there anyone out there who already does this and can give me some pointers?

Extra infor:
I live in Brisbane, Queensland and we are coming into summer so I know the house will probably get hot being locked up all day. I was thinking of adding an extra container of water plus I normally put a small bowl of water in the cage during summer/hot days that my bird sometimes goes in for a swim. The cage I would leave my bird in is a good size (it would be the same one he would normally be in when outside). When I am home I have left my bird outside as I know he does enjoy being out there but I am able to keep an eye out for other animals (not just snakes but other birds).

Any help would be appreciated
Thank you
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