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The Talk Cockatiels forums have a wealth of useful information stored in the form of sticky threads. In fact we have so many sticky threads that scrolling past them to get to the ordinary threads was becoming a nuisance, and we set up a Sticky Library to eliminate this problem.

The threads in the Sticky Library are all closed to new posts so they won't get cluttered up with posts that don't have lasting informational value. If you have a question or comment about a thread in the Sticky Library, please start a new thread in an appropriate section, and include a link to the sticky thread that you're talking about.

Here is a list of the Breeding stickies in the library:

For those who want to breed cockatiels -

Slow crop: emptying the crop without special equipment -

Hormone control, and dealing with unwanted/unexpected egg laying -

Plucking parents and plucking birds -

Wing spot sexing -

Nestboxes and nestbox litter -

Keeping breeding records -

Feeding problems and development issues in babies -

Cockatiel with eggs! HELP! ASAP! PROLAPSE (a sad thread with an unhappy ending, posted as a sticky to help warn others about the dangers of egg binding and prolapse) -

Buying/selling unweaned babies and what to do -

Embryonic development of cockatiels -

Crop bra instructions and application -

Hand-feeding chart (including some handfeeding guidelines) -

Lack of calcium/importance of calcium (as related to soft-shelled and shell-less eggs) -

Aspiration scare (what to do if a baby aspirates during handfeeding) -

How to be prepared for hand raising babies -

Twin hatches -

From egg to weaning - pictures -

The making of an egg -
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