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I'm Sooooo Excited!

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I ordered a cage from Dr. Foster and Smith on Thursday and they just shipped it out :D. It's estimated arrival time is Thursday the 3rd. I can't wait. I ordered her a bunch of toy's, ladders, and natural perches. It's a much, much, much bigger cage then what she's in now. She's still only 52 days old so when the cage comes I hope she'll stay at the top and not the bottom like she's doing now. Although when I uncovered her this morning she was perched on top :). Anyway, I'm super excited about the cage and I really hate waiting for it to come. I'm very impatient:rolleyes:. Heres a picture of the cage I bought. I got it in charcole black. Let me know what you think. Oh and by the way, I went onto the cage thread and you guys have some really nice cages. I love the setups! It gave me some really great ideas on how to setup the toys and ladders.

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That's a really nice cage! :D She'll have fun with that playtop!
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