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I'm new with birdie!

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Hello all,
my name is Nick.

I have a 9 year old cockatiel, Birdie.

He is a male pied.
He is one of the best birds ever! He sings, whistles, and says "pretty bird".

He has his ways, and does not like anything new. To me, he is the "old wise man"

I also have two other birds, which are parrotlets.

I am glad I found this forum (see how in the "how did you find us" section)
as this is the only "all-cockatiel" forum I have come across.

I hope to learn a lot about my cockatiel and I will share pictures and videos soon! :)
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Hi Nick
Birdie is a cutie :D thats funny the old wise man :p if I am correct I think Birdie is the oldest cockatiel on here so far, maybe you will be able to teach us a thing or two ;)
glad you could join us and hope to see pic's soon :)
Welcome Nick!
Birdie is a very handsome tiel (I take it that is him in your siggy) and sounds like a very clever one too. :)
I also love pieds, when I do get my tiel, I would love to get a pied. :D
Welcome, you should share with us what it is like to have an older tiel :) I have yet to go through the teen stage with Spike.
Welcome Nick! Is there anything you can tell us about the dreaded teens?

Not really.

Birdie used to be playful and nice and seemed like the happiest bird his whole life until about 7 years old.

Now he is nippy, and doesn't play with toys or do anything.
He still gets really happy at times and whistles, talks, and sings.

So he is a "wise old man" (he is very smart) but also "an old grumpy man"

I'm hoping this is just a stage that can be comparable with a human teenager, and that he grows out if it soon.......very soon.
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