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Well i havnt been on here in AGES so i just wanted to say hi. I now how 100% permission to get a nad reared teil at Chritmas time. It will be a type of light cinnamon or normal grey. Hopefully i can be more active now seeing as though I'm actually getting one soon.:D
Meanwhile i will be reaserching like crazy. I promised my dad that it was only one and no more....not like my budgies which went from to and somehow:)confused:) got to 10 and breeding:confused:;):eek:. Its from a pub down in Birdwood(most of you guys dont know where it is) but we went there for lunch once because my dad knows the people who own it. They live upstairs and the lady asked if we wanted to go around the back and see all the animals. The had 2 dogs,chooks,guniea pigs,rabbits and a pig(lol). Anyway they also had an avairy and they have the most gorgeous cockatiels there!! real dark black almost and cinnamons mainly. I was talking to the lady and she said they handreared them and sold them for $15!!! Even my dad had to agree that was a good price. My friend paid $50 for hers and it wasnt handreared or tame. So my dad finally agreed that when we get our cage back that i can get one.
Good to be back
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