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Hey, everyone. Hope you're well. I've had cockatiels for long, and this isn't the first time that I have any, but never before have I bred them. I'm sure everyone here knows what lovely companions cockatiels can be. I thought it would be exciting to experience mine having chicks and see them growing from tiny, little chicken nuggets to beautiful and majestic birds. At the moment I have four cockatiels. I would never considering breeding now as three of them are still young. However, I thought as the end of the year I will. Unfortunately I don't have any knowledge of their genes and so on because the people I bought them from had a very limited English vocabulary. But I'd like to know if there are any chances that they could have whiteface chicks. I'm specifically looking for whitefaces, because I had a male tiel named Emris and he sadly passed away... My heart is broken. He was a whiteface, and a stunning one, too. I know the chicks' phenotype depend on the genes of their parents, but even though I only know the traits that are visible, I'd like to know based on that what they might have. I completely understand that it's dependent on the parent genes, but if anyone can take any guesses based on what they look like, that would be great.
This is Okami. She is my oldest tiel at the age of a year. I love her so much. I was actually going to breed my Emris with her since he was about her age, but then he passed away. Okami seemed very interested in him. I think she's alright, though.
This is Otis. When we were buying or looking to buy cockatiels we were searching for albinos and whitefaces, but then this boy and I clicked and I just had to take him home. Even though he is very naughty and loud, I love him sooooo much. He's 2 months old.
This is Falcore. Up until yesterday we thought it's a girl because he was acting so motherly towards my baby budgie, but turns out we were wrong. We bought him with Otis. He's also 2 months old. He is so sweet. I love him so much.
This is my baby, Fennec (pronounced 'Fennick'). We don't know about her traits either. She's a female and 1 and a half month old. This girl is very affectionate and loves cuddles.
I love all of my birds very very much, none more than the other. They're very close to my heart. All of them get along very well so that won't be a problem when breeding. I think my biggest chances of getting a whiteface is with Fennec and Falcore, but I'm not great with genetics. If anyone knows anything, please let me know. Also, will the big age difference be a problem if I were to breed Okami with one of my boys? Like I've said before, I won't breed them now but when they're older. Will that still be a problem? Thanks so much to anyone who helps out. Have a great day.
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