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I've been reading all of these different posts on different topics, and it seems like cockatiels can really benefit from having a sibling. I'd like to look into getting a buddy for Kirby, but I have some issues.

1. And this is the biggest: I'm still in high school, I live with my family, and they made it very clear that they didn't want any more pets after Kirby (though they said the exact same thing when I adopted our family's third dog in August, then we got Kirby this February)

2. Kirby's cage is already not as big as I'd like it to be, but because I'm living with my family, I'm tight on space (he was originally supposed to stay in my room). I could get a taller cage (right now I have one sitting on a microwave stand, so I could get one that's as big as his current one plus the stand), but the two birds would HAVE to be able to tolerate each other because there is no room for a second cage

3. We already have three dogs and Kirby

4. Kirby isn't really "other bird friendly". Usually, if he sees another bird, he marches on over there with his crest up to pick a fight. Though I've taken him to the rescue where he met a cockatiel (gender unconfirmed) and he didn't act like that. He also didn't act like that to a Senegal who was a housemate in his previous home. Maybe he's only aggressive to unfamiliar birds, but because other cockatiels are his same species, he's friendly to them? How can I confirm this without risking a bird fight at the rescue?

5. I'm worrying about doubling everything: that's two birds who now need space, cleaning up after, attention, training, perches, toys, food, treats, and two animals of prey that I need to keep an eye on in case my three predators take interest.

I've been sick the last couple of days, so I haven't been really playing with Kirby because I don't want to weaken his immune system (not to mention that his dust makes me sicker), so he's been really lonely. He squeaks almost constantly, and is acting restless because he's become accustomed to more attention than he's currently getting. I feel like if we had a second tiel he wouldn't be so lonely? I'm the only one home during the day, so I'm really his only buddy, and if I'm sick or I go out then he's usually by his lonesome self :(

I'm really torn on this. I think I probably could convince my parents to get another tiel, so long as it gets along with everyone and can share a cage with Kirby. I know there are HUGE benefits to having a second tiel, they can keep each other company, they can learn from each other, and of course the good things double along with the bad things. It's just that those five things are pretty big issues, and I'm not sure I can overcome them....

I'm almost 100% positive that when I move out I'll get Kirby a buddy, but that could be a LONG ways away; I don't plan to move away for college right away, not to mention that when I DO, I've already promised my parents that Max (my dog) and Kirby are coming with me (one of the only ways that I was able to convince them to allow me to adopt in the first place). It's going to take quite some time before I'm financially stable on my own to afford a third pet. So, if I don't adopt while still living with my parents, it could be many years before Kirby gets a friend.

What do you guys think?

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Honestly, it doesn't sound like right now would be a good time for a second tiel. Given the living situation, it might be best to wait. Tiels do just fine as only birds, especially if they get enough attention. There really is no way to be sure they'll be OK with each other before hand, and I have a feeling you wouldn't be able to do quarantine in your current situation, which is highly recommended.

Also, human illnesses are not zoonotic, so you really wouldn't be able to get Kirby sick if you're sick.
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