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I think we've settled on a name for him

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at first I was going to name him Echo - because when ever a bird made a noise at the other end of the house - you heard him make a noise

but then I saw on here some one already had one named Echo ( and I didn't want to name my bird something that soem one already has I try my best to be creative LOL)

So then when I went to put him to bed to the other night a name poped in my head so I told my boyfriend "how about Patches" since I know his Patches (pied markings) won't go away, Like his pearling may go away (specially if he ends up bieng a girl even know i was told he is a boy)

So that name so far as stuck, My boyfriend even called him Patches today instead of "new guy" or "the bird in your sons room" or the name he wanted to call him because of the one black feather in his crest which is "stripe" I so didn't want to name him that

SO (for now and hopefully for good)

Patches it is

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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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