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I think my cockatiel caught a cold

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Hello everyone. So i have a pet cockatiel named Peca. One day she just randomly landed on my balcony and we could not find her owners so we just kept her as ours ever since. We don't know her correct age but she looks like an older bird to me.
Lately, i noticed she started sneezing more and adjusting her crop continiously. When she sneezes its like a spray of transparent liquid fly everywhere. She is still eating and acting pretty normal. Her tongue looks a little more red than usual and she sometimes bobs her tail but with mouth closed. Her poop is not different than usual but i noticed she scrathes herself more. It got colder here where i live so i suspect she cought a cold. She is my first cockatiel, i only owned budgies before. She means so much to me and i call her my lucky charm.
I will try to get her to the vet as soon as possible, but i need a few opinions and what i should do until we go to the vet.
Thank you all in advance ❤
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Ok my friend advise you to keep her warm put a blanket top of the cage that will help and put some Vitamins drops into the water
Just to post an update. We have gone to the vet 3 hours ago and he said that he thinks its a raspiratory infection. She got an injection and some antibiotics and she will need to get 2 more injections tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. I hope she will recover soon. She was very brave. Thank you again for helping!
(I am very sorry if some words i said were mispelled or said the wrong way, english isnt my first language) ❤
no need to apologise I’m glad she’s gonna be okay
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