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I brought home a cockatiel 2 weeks ago. He's still in the phase of adjusting to our home but I've made a lot of progress in 2 weeks. He was kept in a very small cage, and in a bad condition and was traumatised. Now at least he takes food from my hand, comes out of the cage without force and flies a little bit.
From past 2 hours I was busy shopping some essentials for the house. I just stepped into my room and noticed tiny spots of dried blood on the feathers near his chest.
I almost fainted. I caught him and gently ruffled the feathers and saw a tiny dried wound about the size of a sesame seed. It's right on top of the bone that runs from their neck all the way down at the belly side. I gently felt the area and was sure he's not bleeding and the wound does not seem to be deep.
But I'm super scared. We don't have a single avian vet here.
Further I inspected the whole cage and all toys. Couldn't find even a drop of blood. No sharp ends. He's super active. I don't notice any signs of destress or trauma. While I was inspecting he even escaped and flew around the room normally.
I'm super worried and I'm really not in a position to see anything happening to him.
Can someone share thoughts on how he got injured. I'm totally worried. Any help or thoughts will be of much help.
Please please please help me!!!!
FYI, he has the habit of climbing to the top of the cage, 4 feet tall and he plunges from there to the bottom repeatedly. I guess it's his way of playing.
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