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Ok, I am getting two more budgies from a rescue to adopt out (this rescue sends me all its small birds) as well as two cockatiels and two conures. I need names!

Here was what I was thinking for them..

Female Budgie (she is yellow and very small):
Anuhea (means "cool and fragrant")
Lana ("calm as still waters")
Kalea ("bright")
Nani (beautiful, pretty)
Meli (honey)

Male Budgie (he's blue)
Kei (denified)
Kanunu (The Strong One)
Kakipi (The Rebel)
Polunu (chubby)

Female Cockatiel
Meli (honey)
Okalani (from heaven)
Kekoa (The Brave, The Courageous)
Maka Launa (Friendly)

Male Cockatiel
Laka (gentle, tame)
Pono (Righteous)
Pomaikai (Lucky, Blessing, Good Fortune, Blessed, Prosperous)
Kuuaki (Guardian)
Kalani (Of the Heavens, Chieftain)

the conures have names already.

What do you like? ;)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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