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I finally finished the Aviary!

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I have been working for a month with no power tools and no help to build an aviary for my little flock. I have two bonded pairs, a baby Whiteface (I'm pretty sure is male) and a wild boy Whiteface Pearl who still hasn't molted out his pearled feathers completely. I aquired a couple of whiteface hens hoping Auzzie (my Whiteface Pearl) would take a fancy to one of them. One of them is a Cinnamon Whiteface (Fawn) and the other a Cinnamon Whiteface Pearl (Harriet). The ideal pair would be Auzzie and Fawn. This way I would know the sex of the babies as soon as they started getting feathers but they had not met 'till yesterday. I put 6 of my 8 birds in the aviary and as soon as Auzzie got a look at Fawn I swear to you he looked her up and down. I get excited every time I see them hanging out together. This afternoon I could see that someone was grooming Auzzie! I couldn't see who it was because of where I was standing so I kind of crept up slowly as not to disturb anyone. When I got close enough that I could see who it was I was surprised to see that it was my 7 week old baby boy. Well it's not a pair bond but it's nice to see the baby forming an alliance with an adult male! One of the reasons I wanted to put him in there is to get guidence from the other birds. He almost seems to be ahead of the group in some respects. For the first time today (my birthday) I saw him drinking water. Yahoo! I'll be able to retire the spoon soon.
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Do we get to see a photo of your aviary? :D How big is it?
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