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My baby Ziggy is a bit over 3 months old . I brought him home on August 20 & set his cage up in my living room . 4 days later I had surgery on my foot & I've been in my recliner most of the time . The problem is every darn time I leave the room he starts tweeting ( yelling?) VERY loud & wont stop until I come back in !! He 's very affectionate .. hops right on my finger when I open the cage door & really, really loves to get his head massaged and his back stroked.
But .. I have no idea how to stop him from carrying on when I'm not in the room . My daughter has a cockatiel who is one month older then Ziggy & she told me to ignore him when he carries on . I'm doing that but it doesn't work .
Is he doing this because he's still doing
a baby ?? What can I do to get him to stop ??
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