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I blame you

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Sigh, I love Echo so much and now I want another tiel, hmph tis all your fault for showing so many pretty pictures. Theres a tiel for sale at the moment a cinnamon pied which is absolutely gorgeous, but as much as my parents love Echo I'm pretty sure they'd kill me if I suggested getting a new bird Hmph LOL. Guess I'll just have to keep on dreaming, maybe at the end of the year I might look into it, then I might be able to track down the specific mutation I want. I really really want a dominant pastel silver whiteface LOL, Echos a double factor dominant silver whiteface, making him solid pastel silver all over, but his coloring with a white face would be so sweet...

Blah tis all your fault LOL, Bea in particular with her sweet birds LOL.

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I must admit....I blame Bea too! ;) I was at the pet shop yesterday and, when i suggested i get another tiel, my mum's face scared me!! Oh well, I suppose we'll all just have to wait till we get our own house then we can have as many feathered friends as we like! :p
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