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I am getting a cockatiel in 1 day! Is my cage good?

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I am 100% a beginner, 14 years old, I am getting a cockatiel I am naming cookie. I am new to this forum, so I am not good with rules... But anyways! I have this medium - big sized cage. I spent all my money on toys and perches (and the cage). I have 4 natural wood, 2 smooth perches. A water bottle, 2 feeders, I took some of the feeders that came with the cage and flipped them upside down to make some " platform " perches for my cockatiel to rest its feet. I have a swing, a big toy, a ladder, a toy-thing that has pieces of wood coming from many directions, and I got this nest-shaped toy that I put foraging toys in and I think my tiel is going to have a fun time chewing on that.
I have placed 2 coconuts on the bottom for my tiel to mess with once she is comfortable with going low... Constructive critisism is welcome! I am mostly wondering if it's over-crowded or if I should arrange the perches and toys differently, since I don't have too much money left to spend on new things.
Also, if you can comment quickly before 14 hours pass, please tell me, should I get a boy or a girl? (I am getting one from a breeder)
I think a boy is good because it's playful and I heard that they bond better with you if they are the opposite gender (I am a girl) from other stories of a wife getting a girl parrot and it bonded with her husband instead.
On the other hand, my mom would not like too much noise... If they are easy to train to be quiet, idk, please inform me.

Thanks :)
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You should try find your birdy a little feathered friend and if you can't find another cocatiel then maybe try a budgie they get on very well.
Your cage is perfect great size he Wil be happy for sure
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