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My cockatiel lucky is a 13yr rescue male. I have had him for 5 weeks now and we have bonded nicely. He was in a empty cage with no toys just a perch never let out and hardly ever cleaned. I have bought him lots of toys to occupy him which I introduced slowly as he is scared of everything. I play him music talk to him for hours he had grown in confidence massively and called everytime I left room I adore him. Next step was to try to handle him so I repeated Daily putting hands in cage changing water food he never minded as long as didn’t touch him. I bought some extra perches to entice him to step on as fingers were no no as he would just spit.

A few days ago I decided stupidly to open the roll top cage and fix a perch up. he climbed up and loved his new perch ,I was so happy that he could stretch and have some freedom. After several hours he took flight and banged into a few things I was so worried he had hurt himself.

My partner got a towel over him to get him back in cage but he totally freaked out flapping screaming feathers everywhere. Eventually got him back in cage I covered him for the night and left him quiet and to calm down.

Yesterday morning when I woke up he was a different bird not vocal wouldn’t eat hissed if you went near cage was squinty eyed and look so sad. I rang around 20 vets trying to find and a avian vet noone available . I persevered and found a vet who had some knowledge of cockatiels hours drive away. The vet took him and I heard him screaming even worse than night before . I was in tears I felt like I was traumatising him even more.

The vet gave him an anti inflammatory and give me metacam 1.5 ml to give him by syringe. And avimix . She said he lost a lot of under feathers but his wing was probably bruised but nothing broken.

On returning home he seemed more comfortable I left him to rest for the night. Today he hasn’t moved off his perch looks sad no vocals at all and turns his back feel like the trust we built has gone.

Update lucky is gradually coming round to trusting me again . He is singing and chirping his heart out which is great. I’m getting nowhere with getting him to eat anything but seeded food. I’ve tried cooked brown rice,kiwi, apple mango, grated carrot, sweet pepper, even hung a corn on the cob won’t touch any of it.

I have bought a new large flight cage which I won’t attempt to introduce him to yet dont want to overwhelm him with to many changes at once. I’m going to keep persevering with the fruit and veg pellets hopefully I will succeed eventually. One plus is he allowed me to spray him with warm water he absolutely loved his bath spread his wings and done a dance . Any tips ,advice on encouraging my 13yr fellow to eat his fruit, veg , pellets would be greatly appreciated .
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