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Hy Everyone,

greetings from a wonderful cockatiel pair named Lilly and Tweety 😃

Lilly is an exceptionally cute and friendly hand raised birdie in a nice whitefaced pearl colour mutation. She is a very curious and larrikin little lady, born in 03.2019.

Tweety is a hand tamed rascally, talking feathery (yellow lutino pinto) friend, born in 02.2019. He is everything but careful and prudent🙄 (literally, who owns one know what I mean😁).
He is saying a sort of words in sentences and combining them on his own, what can be very funny sometimes😊 and there are some voices we couldn't figure out what those to be meant🤔like "u u u"😀

When they are outside Tweety is following Lilly all day long but they appearantly don't form a couple until now, because Lilly seems to be uninterested, maybe she is too young for such things.

It is very interesting to see how lovely, but at the same time diverse and different these little creations are. For example Tweety likes kisses, while Lilly can be petted as much as you want.

I attached some pictures to let them introduced. We hope we can help others with our experience regarding cockatiel keeping🤗

Wishing you adorable moments with your pets,



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