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My cockatiel's left wing looks to be hurt because he's holding it close to his body and does appear to be a little lower. I do not see blood nor does his feathers have any on them. I can't see inside because he won't open his wing, he keeps it right against him and I'm not getting bit trying to open it myself. My bird is VERY MACHO, I MEAN MACHO BIRD!
He will still claim his perch thrown to the others. Now...I have two cages that are not far apart from one another like 3ft. And he will fly from Cage to Cage with his one wing but if he goes to land on the floor I have to assist him up with my finger and OMG HE JUST FLEW UP TO A PERCH I HAVE INSTALLED IN THE CORNER JUST A LITTLE LOWER FROM THE CEILING BECAUSE HE SAW MY OTHER MALE COCKATIEL UP THERE WITH HIS GIRL AND MADE IT UP THERE! This is what worries me because he's going to do and prove what he has to not understanding his consequences and if I lock him in his cage he will get upset and do what he has to do to get out so I'm worried and not sure what I should be doing? Can I get some feedback please?
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