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Just wanted to say. I don't have a tiel yet and not sure if I will get one or not. I have always wanted one. Right now my boys and I will be getting 2 new budgies since our other keet just died. I am thinking about getting a tiel for myself at that time. So I am here to scope out info on them. We have a very nice pet store in our town called Corbin's and they breed their own birdies. We stopped in to check out what they have. They have a few keets from a September hatching (not sure the correct terms) and then they showed us a next box (lifted the lid for us) of babies that will be ready in about a month (which is when I want to get the new birds). Plus they showed me baby tiels without feathers in the nest box, I am not sure when they will be ready.

I am also a member at talk budgies!
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Hi there welcome to the forum :D its great that you joined and are getting all the info you can on them, they really are wonderful birds ;)
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