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How to teach one month old cockatiel to drink water?

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Hello! Since i’m a newbie owner of cockatiels, i never got to teach my bird to drink water. I saw other owners dipping their finger into the water and letting them drink the drop but my cockatiel still doesn’t drink from its dish? How do you get them to drink water as i’m planning to switch them to pellets after handfeeding if thats alright?
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You’re cockatiel is SUPPOSED to know how to drink water on its own. I guess it’s an instinct, but you’re not supposed to teach him. How do you give him water?
oh! i see alright i just give him a dish of water since the cage i bought came with dishes already. I don’t see him drink but my searches in google show that they might drink when you’re not around so maybe he drank? but im not sure.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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