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Hi ya, I kinda need some help. You see my one-year-old pearl Stitch is extremely attached to me, to the point if I leave the room he would yell for me to come back. Even if it's for two seconds. And when I do come back, he would fly right onto my shoulder refusing to leave.

But, there's one little habit I hope to break. At random, he would bite me out of nowhere. Mainly if I'm working or we're relaxing together. He would do a random hard pinch bite. Stitch wouldn't draw blood, but just a hard bite that feels like a pinch. So each time he does this, he gets a time out for five minutes. His cage is in my room, so he could see me and where he could be safe away from my sister's bird. A very spoiled Sun Conure. But, time outs don't seem to work. I don't know what to do.

Does anyone have any ideas to help us with this situation?
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